a picture is worth a thousand words. And thanks to
screenshots.debian.net[0] this finally comes true for Debian packages.
Several people have proposed a service to provide screenshots for them. So
after getting other developers’ opinions and suggestions I sat down and
crafted a web application that allows to upload and provide screenshots.

Unless you are busy helping to fix RC bugs for the Lenny release please
consider contributing screenshots of your favorite applications. Currently
there are already over 260 screenshots available but there is still some
way to go. Everybody can upload screenshots – you don’t have to be a
Debian developer or Debian maintainer to help. Your uploads will just be
checked by the admin team and then published.

I would love to see the screenshots integrated into packages.debian.org and
perhaps they even get used in graphical package managers like synaptic,
kpackage, adept or gnome-apt. It is easy to refer to screenshots from your
own application or web site. Just use these URLs:

Thumbnail (<= 160×120 pixels):
(this URL returns a dummy thumbnail if no screenshot was found)

Package’s page with all available screenshots:

There is still a couple of items on my to do list. But if you have further
ideas on features, need a certain API or find bugs please tell me or let’s
discuss matters on debian-devel.