writes “MAKE Magazine has put together their 3rd annual ‘State of Open
Source Hardware 2008’ — in just a few years, the number of projects has
grown from a small handful to an amazing 60+ offerings. Similar to open
source software, open source hardware is available with source code,
schematics, firmware and bills of materials, and allows commercial use.
The most popular project, Arduino, the open source prototyping platform
for artists and engineers, has shipped over 60,000 units.” The article
is formatted such that the first link for a particular device will
usually take you to the project home page. Some will bring you instead
to where you can purchase the items, but most still have a “How To” tab
which will direct you to guides and instructions on how to build your
own gadgets. There are a bunch of interesting devices, from the Game of
Life on the outside of a cube to a home-made MP3 player to OpenMoko.

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