• Why BlackBerry?
    A good thread that covers some of the real reasons many
    people prefer to use a BlackBerry over multimedia handhelds running
    PalmOS/PocketPC such as Treo/iPaq handhelds.

  • BlackBerry Glossary
    Are you dizzy? Lost in alphabet soup? What the heck is
    BES? MDS? APN? Push Email? GSM? CDMA? PIN? This article is a lifesaver!

  • BlackBerry Myths Busted: The Modern 2005-era BlackBerry
    This document busts many old myths of BlackBerries, by
    showcasing BlackBerry technology advancements, including bright color
    screen, purposes other than email, wide software selection, ability to
    do Internet applications, instant messaging, and more. Screenshots

  • What Are The Methods of Receiving Email On BlackBerry?
    This describes the several possible methods of getting
    email onto a BlackBerry, for both push email and non-push email,
    including BWC email, POP email, forwarded email, BlackBerry Redirector,
    and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

  • BlackBerry Killer Software Thread
    A good listing of favourite BlackBerry software is in
    this thread. If you are getting started on BlackBerry, and want to know
    some software to try, see this thread!

  • Blackberry Tips and Tricks, Keyboard Shortcuts
    Useful information about the many key shortcuts
    available on BlackBerry. Including the keypress shortcut that allows
    you to multitask multiple applications on a BlackBerry.

  • Blackberry Calendar Tricks
    Useful information about how to efficiently use the
    BlackBerry Calendar very quickly, and out-schedule a Palm/PocketPC user
    in speed and efficiency.

  • Blackberry Internet Browser FAQ – HTML Web With Images
    Information about web browsing on the BlackBerry. Find
    out how to get the best web browsing experience on a BlackBerry,
    including HTML, images, JavaScript, online banking, etc.

  • Blackberry Instant Messaging FAQ
    Information about how to set up instant messaging on a
    BlackBerry, for chatting on the MSN/ICQ/AIM/Yahoo networks. Gai the
    added convenience of always-on instant messaging, on top of always-on

  • SMS Between BlackBerry & Other Cell Phones
    This thread talks about various methods of how to send
    SMS messages between a BlackBerry and other cell phones, as well how to
    send an SMS using email from any computer. This can provide free
    unlimited outgoing SMS messages if using an unlimited GPRS plan.

  • Configuring Internet On BlackBerry – WAP/APN/Gateway Settings
    You can now run Internet (TCP/IP) software on BlackBerry
    nowadays! No BES/MDS needed anymore! You can now do chat software, AIM,
    ICQ, MSN, IRC, telnet/ssh, web browsing, etc, on many carriers now.

  • HOWTO: Use BlackBerry As Modem For Laptop
    Instructions on how to use a BlackBerry as a modem for a
    laptop. Works on 7100 and 7290 BlackBerries. May also work with other
    models of BlackBerries.

  • Change Themes On a BlackBerry
    Bored of your Rogers theme? Find T-Mobile’s theme too
    slow? Prefer the Vodafone theme on your Rogers? You can replace themes
    on your existing 7100 series!

  • Ringtones On a BlackBerry
    Yes, BlackBerry supports ringtones. Bored of the default
    ringtones? Not loud enough? Want to convert MP3 into a ringtone for
    your BlackBerry? Go to this thread!

  • BlackBerry Thumb Touch Typist Guide (Type Without Looking!)
    It is possible to learn how to thumb touch type on
    BlackBerries without even looking at the keyboard. Some people have
    exceeded 60-70 WPM on BlackBerries with no AutoText. This guide tells
    you how to practice thumb touch typing, and how to benchmark your thumb
    typing speed!

  • Faxes to/from BlackBerry or any email
    Thread that describes how fax-to-email services work, even including faxing hardcopy documents.

  • Voicemail Service With Voice-To-Text Automatic Transcription
    Thread that describes third party voice mailbox services
    that automatically transcribes all voicemails into text emails,
    allowing you to read your voicemails instead of listen to them. Can
    also be used as a substitute to alphanumeric pager service, even if
    your carrier doesn’t support paging.

  • Hosted BES FAQ: Wireless Outlook Synchronization!
    Thread for BES hosting in order to get Wireless Outlook
    Synchronization and to get MDS which acts like a TCP/IP Internet stack
    for Blackberries. This can be very useful if your carrier cannot use
    the new WAP/APN feature that is available in newer BlackBerryOS 3.8 and

  • International BlackBerry Compatibility Guide
    Travelling? Wondering if BlackBerry will work in a
    certain country? Or need to purchase a BlackBerry for use in another
    country? This article answers these questions.

  • Midlets: You can use Nokia/Motorola Java apps on BlackBerry!
    Thread that explains how to install midlets on your
    BlackBerry. BlackBerry actually has almost 1000 applications nowadays;
    if you include midlets. You can run midlets originally written for
    Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricsson cellphones!

  • BlackBerryOS Upgrade Downloads
    This article tells you where to download the
    BlackBerryOS upgrade for your particular BlackBerry handheld. Also
    where to download the latest BlackBerry Desktop as well. Includes
    Version 4.0!

  • Max The Battery Life Of Your New BlackBerry
    If you just recently purchased a BlackBerry, or you are
    having battery life issues, read this thread to find tips on how to
    maximize the battery life of your BlackBerry!

  • BlackBerry Advantages For The Deaf & Hard Of Hearing
    Increasingly, deaf and hard-of-hearing people are
    purchasing wireless data devices such as Hiptop/Sidekicks. This thread
    lists the advantages of BlackBerry over other devices, for use by the
    deaf, including chatting services and relay services!

  • Develop Software For BlackBerry
    If you are a Java programmer, this thread will give you
    a big jumpstart on writing your first BlackBerry application or
    BlackBerry-compatible midlet!

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