2009 Budgets are in and for many who oversee the Operations and IT Budget, you are probably challenged to reduce your capital budget
by at least 40% lower than what you originally put in. As the pressure
to cut continues, you may want to rethink about the software vendors
you have selected to introduce into the Enterprise, or even think about
replacing your legacy Enterprise applications with more cost effective
open source alternatives.

Still not convinced about Open Source
or Lower Cost Alternatives? Well according to Gartner, approximately
85% of companies surveyed are already using Open Source Applications in
2008. The other 15% surveyed have plans to incorporate Open Source
Strategies within their Enterprise in 2009. Whether your a small
business, or you are looking to minimize costs – attached are some of
the most cost effective applications on the market that can easily
replace some of your more expensive Enterprise solutions and functions.

Productivity Software

Open Office
– An excellent and free alternative to the expensive Microsoft Office
Suite. The suite contains out of the box functionality that even
Microsoft’s Office suite does not ship with like the ability to convert
files to PDF.

Customer Relationship Management

Sugar CRM – A highly recommended CRM package that comes in a Free, Hosted, or Enterprise version.
Open CRM – A U.K Based CRM Company that claims to provide free licenses to those who use it.

Knowledge Management Vendors

OmniStar Kbase – A PHP based External or Internal Knowledge Management Software.

I.T Service Management/Help Desk Systems

– The Open Source Ticket Request System that claims to be I.T.I.L
certified. Save yourself 1/2 million dollars per year over investing in
ITSM systems like Remedy or HP applications. This system includes many
features to manage customer telephone calls and e-mails. The system is
built to allow your support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT,
helpdesk, etc. department to react quickly to inbound inquiries. For a
full list of Help Desk ticketing systems, click here.

Track It Web – Also Claims to be I.T.I.L Certified, Open Source, and significantly lower cost.

– A flexible web based bug tracking, issue tracking, task tracking, and
project management software solution used for open source and
enterprise projects.

Project Management

– I was just recently introduced to this application, and it seems like
a great tool for collaborating on projects over the web with remote
teams, vendors, developers, and co workers located in different

ActiveCollab – Another open source tool that is also compatible with iPhones.

– A hosted collaborative solution that provides mid sized businesses
with world class collaboration software in a hosted environment.

Content Management Systems & Community Software

Alfresco Open Source Content Management – Open Source Content Management for your web site, Intranet, or all of the above.

OpenCMS – Another Content Management application with great promise, and free to utilize.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics – By far one of the best free analytic dashboards for your web site.

Get Clicky – This is Google Analytics, plus realtime results, and an iPhone friendly interface to track you web traffic remotely.

JS Kit
– A free tool that enables you to incorporate reviews, ratings, and
commenting functionality on your eCommerce site or Blog section of your
web site and report on it.

103 Bees
– Find out how customers are getting to your website. This tool focuses
on analyzing search terms and questions that people are querying for
prior to getting to your web site. It’s a great tool for understanding
your customers and for identifying new market opportunities.

Community & Forum Software

vBulletin – Probably the best in class Forum software out today. A small license fee, and some configuration and your up and running.

Dolphin Community Software – Build your own Community sites using this low cost open source platform.

– Geared more towards hobbyists, music enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs –
this free platform provides an array of easy to use and deploy
community features for your web site.

Audio & Web Conferencing

DimDim.Com – A great audio and web collaboration tool. Best of all it is free.

Yugma – Another decent and free web collaboration and conferencing solution.

Open Source Telephony Systems

– This company offers telephony applications based on Open Source
software that integrates with PCI telephony interface cards. The cost
of their tools significantly lower than other vendors like Avaya,
Nortel, and all the others.

Open Source Network Applications

Zenoss Inc.
– This company provides network, server, and application monitoring
solutions in the United States and internationally. The company offers
Zenoss Core, Professional, and Enterprise solutions that monitors IT
infrastructure, including networks, servers, virtualizations, and
applications, as well as provide configuration management, availability
management, performance monitoring, event/log management, and automatic
remediation services.

Server Software

– This is the obvious platform these days, but I thought I would put it
up anyway. According to a new Gartner study, About 52% of the companies
surveyed are already using open-source server software and another 23%
plan to use it within the next 12 months. However, Linux as an
operating system for the desktop is much less established in enterprise
use, with 39% of respondents in the Gartner survey currently using it
and another 22% expecting to use it within the next year. Many of the
vendors provide free distributions or are at significantly lower cost
to some of the most complex tasks or functions that run your Enterprise

Database Software

MySQL – The best and most cost effective choice for a free SQL/Database environment that needs to be hosted in the cloud.245

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