writes “Yesterday I set out in search of a way to store my documents,
videos, and pictures for a long time without worrying about them. This
is stuff that I may not care about for years, I don’t care where it is,
or if it’s immediately available, so long as when I do decide to get
it, it’s there. What did I come up with? Nothing. Hard Drives can fail
or degrade. CD’s and DVD’s I’ve read have the same problem over long
periods of time. I’d rather not pay yearly rent on a server or
backup/storage solution. I could start my own server, but that goes
back to the issue of hard drives failing, not to mention cost. Tape
backups aren’t common for personal backups, making far-future retrieval
possibly difficult, not to mention the low storage capacity of tape
drives. I’ve thought about buying a bunch of 4GB thumb drives; I’ve had
some of those for years and even sent a few through washers and driers
and had the data survive. Do you have any suggestions? My requirements
are simple: It must be stable, lasting for decades if possible, and
must be as inexpensive as possible. I’m not looking to start my own
national archive; I have less than 500GBs and only save things
important to me.”

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