writes “I have been presented with a problem recently, which I know
others have probably faced. During the last month, one of our customers
accused us of providing another customer with their specification. So
the question arose: how do we, or can we trace documents and find if
they are being opened or used somewhere where they weren’t intended. We
don’t want to be restrictive, because at times, we have people all over
the place, but if one of our documents were opened in a foreign
country, that would arouse suspicions. Most of our documents are made
with MS office suite, and I have been thinking of working on a macro to
ping a server, but that would require the user to enable the macros,
and it would also require the insertion into about 1000 documents. But
it’s been difficult for me to find a solution that doesn’t prevent
someone in Omaha from opening a document for legitimate use and is not
a solution that can easily be disabled or hacked around.”

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