Massive writes in with another possible answer to a recent Ask Slashdot
about FOSS replacements for Microsoft AD server. “Enterprise networks
now have an alternative choice to Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
servers, with the open source Samba project aiming for feature parity
with the forthcoming release of version 4, according to Canberra-based
Samba developer Andrew Bartlett. Speaking at this year’s linux.conf.au
Linux and open source conference in Hobart, Bartlett said Samba 4 is
aiming to be a replacement for AD by providing a free software
implementation of Microsoft’s custom protocols. Because AD is ‘far more
than LDAP and Kerberos,’ Bartlett said, Samba 4 is not only about
developing with Microsoft’s customization of those protocols, it is
also about moving the project beyond just providing an NT 4 compatible
domain manager.”

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