NoStaples Main Window


NoStaples aims to be a HIG compliant desktop scanning application with an emphasis on low-volume to medium-volume document archival for small businesses and home offices. It is written in Python using PyGTK and Glade with an eye to clear, intelligible code.

Please note that NoStaples is not yet finished software. It is suitable for day to day use, but there remain incomplete features and outstanding bugs.


Save to PDF with full document meta-data, including keywords
Intelligent support for a variety of scanners using SANE
Per-page rotation and color adjustment
Zoomable, high-resolution preview of scanned documents
Drag-and-drop reordering of scanned pages
Delete and rescan individual pages
Best-practices oriented, highly-documented code base (eminently hackable)


A Debian/Ubuntu package is available for the 0.3.0 alpha release. See this post on the Ubuntu Forums for more information or download it here: