This version of Xplico and especially of Xplico Interface (web user interface) introduce many new features.
Xplico :

* dissectors: Ethernet, pcap, ipv4, ipv6, ppp, sll, tcp (2 type), udp, dns, ftp, http, icmp, imap, ipp, mms, pjl (Printer Job Language), pop, sdp, smtp, tftp, l2tp (instable), vlan (instable)
* reverse dns using only the DNS traffic in the PCAP file
* geographical and temporal map of the connections decoded (The local IP are mapped in Venezia)
* improvements of the regeneration of web pages.

Xplico Interface:

* new look (screenshot)
* summary of the data decoded
* source host selectablly
* visualization (with Wireshark) of all packets and flows that compose the content extracted/reconstructed
* usable from any PC on the network (see install)
* improvements email visualization, (downloadable attachments)
* feed list. Feed reader (RSS and Atom)
* MMS contents visualization
* improvement of research content
* improvements of the regeneration of web pages