hi all,

this blog take a new direction with esa socis opportunity to bring my code to community with orekit team


what is esa socis :


ESA Summer of Code in Space 2012 (SOCIS 2012) is a program run by the European Space Agency. It aims at offering student developers stipends to write code for various space-related open source software projects. Through SOCIS, accepted student applicants are paired with a mentor or mentors from the participating projects, thus gaining exposure to real-world software development scenarios. In turn, the participating projects are able to more easily identify and bring in new developers.



my mission is to realize the new android program to show the nice feature inside orekit lib


what  i have to do:

improve graphical interface and give to the program all the nice feature inside orekit like

toi propagate two orbits at thé same time and identify the close approaches between the objects

propose different propagators to the user including numerical propagation with customizable force models. Yet another possibility would be to add 3d attitude vizualization with some simplified synthetic representation for vectors, planes, angles between vectors, angles between planes, trihedra, unit sphere around spacecraft



i’d like to thank all the orekit team and esa socis team for support and Luc Maisonobe  for all!


I will keep track of everything on this blog so stay tuned!